The pictures.

I’d like to add a comment. I’ve been asked many times if I actually saw orbs or spirits. After many years of denial i will now say yes I do. Why the change? I had to think what I actually see. The spirits are tiny. Focusing on looking for them makes one realize that yes, there are tiny little things floating around which one thinks is brain or mind created. Now that I have evidence that these things I’m seeing are not in my head I can say I do see them. Actually, I have even seen the little bright lights appear in front of me many times. They are small but they appear. A proper state of mind is necessary.

Shy Start

Spirits are social beings

More pictures to follow shortly.



As I mentioned before a question of how to focus the presentation of my pictures was a problem. What are some of the points I want to make of spiritual beings (orbs) appearing in my pictures?

*. They are social beings – they appear in groups.

*. Inclement weather – the more the inclement the weather the more they tend to appear in pictures. It’s as if what humans would consider ideal weather – dry, sunny, warm – is when they find it most difficult to appear. This said, I’d like to make note that NASA pictures where unexpectedly orbs (they referred to as UFOs) appear, are taken in the void of space.

*. Different types – in one evening of photographing spirits one may see different groups of them – they include but not limited to orbs and they appear at different times. In some NASA videos viewable on YouTube we can see similar looking objects. These are in motion. I haven’t been able to photograph orbs in motion…yet 🙂 I’d like to say that possibly over 90% of my spirit pictures a were photographed from the same place.

**. These lights are spiritual but It would seem some lights (spirits) like to pose. It would seem spirits from higher dimensions come down. In one case I was clearly told to hold my camera still and I then clicked. The light that appeared was perfectly centered. There’s another picture in which there seems to be a full moon but in actuality it’s an orb. There seems at times to be cooperation with these sentient beings in taking pictures. It’s clear I cannot take these seemingly near perfect pictures w/out some assistance. I don’t believe in miracles here. I would like to make note that I don’t see with my physical eyes the appearing spirits. They are often too small to be discerned by the naked eye. The fact that we must enlarge these pictures on the computer screen tends to support this fact. They are there 7/24/365. Weather conditions permitting they can be photographed. As I mentioned before, these sentient beings will approach some people more than and more often than others. We must grow on them. Many of my early orb pictures were of lone spirits. They were either lost or oblivious to what I was doing or who I was, much like a lizard or insect might come into a home and not know he might be smashed as an uninvited guest.

**. I would like to now go into the different types of non-orb spiritual appearances in pictures. There are what look like 3-leaf clovers of different types. They often appear at the lower part of areas being photographed, about knee level usually.

*. Pink and bubbles – these are cream-colored and often appear in bubble-like enclosures but not always. They are pink or cream colored and they have appeared to me in different shapes and two or three in a group. They were heart or head and body shaped, not having discernible legs or arms.

*. Candles – taken in not-so-inclement weather. Interesting aspect is that they look like a cup with a spherical cover. What makes these candle-looking apparitions interesting is that there are several reflection-like lights appearing on the top of what appears to be spherical covers. I use flash but the reflections don’t correspond to the camera flash at that moment. Attention must be paid to the fact that there are no lights outside. These pictures are taken in cloudy daylight where there’s no sun or other outside lights. It’s as if inside lights were shining through windows.

*. Movement – In many (still) pictures we’ll see the spirits moving. Nervous? Scared? Many of these were already taken early on in my orb appearances. These are definitely not rain drops as the movement is in many other directions.

**. other.

*. There are several multi-colored T-shaped objects moving at an angle.

*. Shy starts – one, hardly visible,
*. Anomalies – ????

Study of spirit world, and these objects appearing in (my) pictures in particular does not go into a hard science category but in social,science. We must make ourselves trusted first. Spirits will appear and cooperate with the photographer. I’ve had spirits appear in my pictures and a few seconds later when another person took a picture in the exact same spot nothing would appear. My recommendation: build a rapport with your surroundings. If animals are attracted to you then you have a chance of being ale to photograph spirits. Of course there’s no need or reason to focus unless your sight is good enough to see 1mm sized objects flying around.

Experiments one can try:

*. Triangulation. Using 3 cameras no more than 3 meters apart focus them on a central area and see what can be seen on all three. Can a 3-D model be made of these spiritual being appearing in our pictures?

*. Create a large magnifying glass as to be able to see enlarged images of these spirits often flying around us. About a meter distance would be a good distance to start with. Of course we’d have to start with similar environmental conditions as described above.

*. Can we create artificial conditions where these spirits can appear?

*. Over a long period of time what differences exist in spirits we see?

*. Spiritual appearances in pictures can be first classified as emitting their own energy (light) and those reflecting light.

Orbs are sentient spiritual beings


When my daughter was born I took a few pictures at home and it was the first time (I believe) I took pictures of orbs. It wasn’t until several years later that I realized that I had photographed these spiritual beings. I accidentally ran into a web site where orbs were featured. It was then that I went back to look at my (digital) pictures. I use regular, not special cameras. Orbs are there for the photographer to photograph.

I plan on adding many pictures to this blog. I’ve had a very hard time starting it because I don’t know how to. Maybe working backwards, from my conclusions, would at present suit me. I conclude that these orbs are spiritual beings. Several points make me say this.

º These beings often appear in groups, just as we see groups of animals.

º These spiritual beings are around us 7/24/365. We don’t always see or sense them because they can’t easily materialize. Also, they are very small. If you see ‘things’ flying around you then it could be you are seeing a spiritual being that under better circumstances could be photographed, in other words seen by a camera lens.

º There are certain atmospheric conditions in which they are able to materialize. This blog and study is a work in progress, so as I have more money I’ll study this further. In all the pictures I have so far seen the common conditions were dampness or humidity. I’ve taken my ‘best’ orb pictures in what we’d consider the ‘worst’ weather, in typhoons. I live in Tokyo, Japan. More orb pictures were taken in rainy weather.

The times I did not get orbs have been in dry, sunny weather. Most of my pictures have been taken at night, though not all. Other things have appeared with are not orbs but are very beautiful and sometimes colorful, too. Are they also spiritual?

A bit on my beliefs. All creation is essentially mind or spirit. We manifest or embody as humans, animals, vegetable life, etc. We require a certain atmosphere or environment to exist as a body. Humans can’t live in water. Fish can’t exist outside water. I’ve found evidence that for orbs to manifest they need the dampness or humidity, as mentioned above. This is what I’m studying now. They are small. Pictures need to be enlarged so that these tiny spiritual manifestations can be seen. Even with a regular, off the shelf, camera one can see the orbs in some detail when the pictures are enlarged. I imagine a camera with a good lens and many pixels will do better.

º An experiment I’d love do when I have the money and equipment is to triangulate. Get 3 cameras and with synchronized apertures, focus on a middle ground in ‘proper’ weather conditions and photograph these materialized orbs in 3-D.

º A second experiment is to see if we can find orbs in a controlled environment. Get a transparent sealed box. Create a system where humidity and pressure can be regulated. Then find under what conditions spiritual beings appear.

º A final word about attracting these spiritual being. As mentioned above, there are many kinds. Just as some people have an innate ability to attract animals, have a green thumb, are skillful with their hands, so (some?) spirits are more attracted to some people and so can appear in pictures. Early on I was able to attract just the occasional spirit and catch it in an orb. Later more appeared, especially as I learned and understood the conditions under which they appear.

º They are conscious social beings. Why do I say so? In many of my orb pictures one sees groups of similar-looking orbs in a picture. It’s like fish swimming around. One school then another passes by.

º If you listen closely you will hear them speaking to you. There are a few pictures of orbs where I believe the spirits set themselves up, as if consciously posing.

Finally, I believe everyone can take spirit/orb pictures. If indeed these are spirits then they are sentient beings and they will be attracted to people as people learn to open up to them in the spirit world.